Styling Hacks For Women On Holi 2022

The month of March is marked by the festival of Holi, with all its vibrant colours and fun celebrations. But with this messy celebration, comes a doubt of 'what to wear on Holi', so to make your job easier, we have curated and exclusive blog with all the fashion hacks you need to know for Holi 2022. 

As Holi is almost here, prepare to splotch gulaal on your friends and family. This vibrant event is our favourite since it is free-spirited, entertaining, and bright. So let's celebrate Holi by putting a new spin on your usual festive outfit. Holi, unlike other traditional Indian celebrations, is all about splattering colours and water all over your body, because of this, staying fashionable over the holiday season may appear challenging. But No, it is not! There are several ways to dress up during Holi and maintain a comfy yet beautiful appearance. We have listed down few styling ideas for Holi 2022.

Holi and Cotton Dress - a perfect match!

Everyone is aware of Holi's association with cotton. Nothing beats cotton for keeping you cool in hot weather. Wear it when playing with water and colours for a wonderfully comfortable experience. White kurtas look great on both men and women. To complete the appearance, pair it with patterned dupattas. Even men may add a splash of colour to their outfits by wearing colourful stoles or scarves.

White Kurta With Ethnic Belts

There can not be anything better than this pair, a minimal yet stylish combination that is sure to grab all the attention. The ethnic tie on belts will add that final touch to your plain kurta, in this way the outfit won't be too tacky or too simple. We offer a vast collection of waist belts for women on our site, just hop on to our website and get yourself one for Holi 2022.

Potli Bags

It is hard to carry necessities like phones, keys, cards to a Holi bash but do not worry, we have got you an impressive collection of ethnic potli bags to tie around your traditional. This cute potlis are ideal for simple get-togethers with family or friends where getting that messy is not an issue. You can style them with your ethnic dress like Patiala suits, cotton dresses and many more. We are sure that this fashion accessory is a much-needed thing for your Holi celebration.

Face Masks 

Face masks amid the pandemic is no less than a necessity, but having them with an ethnic twist is just something you want for this Holi bash. Celebration is a must but safety is the priority, so get these beautiful ethnic masks from our end and be ready to steal all the fun without being at risk. As we all know, we all are living in a Covid-19 situation, don’t forget to carry a mask and sanitiser with you.


They are perfect to add a touch of glitz to your Holi outfits. Sunglasses would undoubtedly make you look like a celebrity at that party. Choose evergreen aviators to steal the ideal appearance. Not only that, but it protects your eyes from the sun and the intense colours on this day, so it's a true win-win situation for you.


The artificial colours are harmful to your hair as they can cause damage to them. To keep chemicals from penetrating your scalp, use coconut oil, just apply it to your hair to avoid hurting the cuticle and cortex. Tie a bandana around your head for a stylish, unique appearance.

We hope these styling tips for your Holi celebration helped you to get ready in an amazing way. So now you have the perfect guide on what to wear for the Holi celebration, go out and get all drenched and colourful. 

Team Lobaanya wishes you a happy and safe Holi!