Our Story

Our Beginnings


Lobaanya brings to you a fresh, playful, and chic collection, which is here to simplify and spruce up your routine clothing experience. Be it for a Sunday brunch or a boardroom meeting, you can create your perfect outfit from our carefully curated pieces. We offer a wide range of clothing across styles, products, and aesthetics to mirror the versatility of the modern women we dress.

Our goal


Part of the Nandini West house, Lobaanya aims to deliver high quality fashion products at affordable prices. Our brand strives to provide a simple yet premium purchasing experience throughout your journey with us, hoping to make it easier for you to find the perfect pick every time. 

Our Mission

We really do care

Our vision to offer affordable, practicle and exceptional fashion is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our work. By locally sourcing our fabrics and talents, we encourage homegrown businesses and expertise.

As a company, we believe it is our calling to offer responsible fashion at competitive prices while remaining true to our principles.