Our Story


Our journey with Lobaanya began with a passion for ethnic fashion and a desire to share the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian products with the world. Drawing on the rich cultural heritage of India, we created a range of products that showcases the intricate craftsmanship and unique designs that have been passed down through generations. Our focus on quality and attention to detail is rooted in our commitment to preserving the authenticity of traditional Indian fashion.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, we recognized the need to make our products accessible to the modern Indian shopper who spends more time in the digital space. In July 2021, we launched our website, which has since become the go-to destination for those seeking high-quality, authentic ethnic products. Our website has allowed us to reach a wider audience, while maintaining our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

As part of the fashion house Nandini West, which has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, we have earned the trust of over 50,000 customers in just one year through our sister company, Mesmerize. We take pride in the community we have built and the relationships we have formed, and we are committed to continuing to deliver exceptional products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.

At Lobaanya, we are more than just a brand - we are a celebration of Indian culture and tradition. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian fashion and sharing it with the world. We invite you to explore our range of authentic ethnic products and discover the rich cultural heritage of India.


At Lobaanya, we are proud to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India through our authentic ethnic products. Our goal is to be the go-to destination for those seeking high-quality contemporary Indian fashion accessories, all made with pride in India. We believe that traditional Indian fashion is timeless, and it deserves to be celebrated and preserved. By conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing our products locally, we ensure complete control over the production process, allowing us to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. With a user-friendly website and exceptional customer service, we strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience that reflects the beauty and elegance of Indian culture. Our focus on continuously improving based on customer feedback and reviews ensures that we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

What we offer

Our product range is an ode to the vibrant and rich cultural heritage of India, offering a diverse array of ethnic accessories that showcase the beauty and elegance of traditional Indian fashion. From exquisite potli bags to handcrafted ethnic belts, our collection is designed to appeal to the discerning tastes of those who appreciate the beauty of ethnic fashion. In addition, we take pride in offering seasonal specialties such as rakhi for Raksha Bandhan and ganesh khes for Ganesh Chaturthi, which are steeped in cultural significance and are an important part of Indian traditions. Our boho sling bags and ethnic fashion jewelry are also crafted with meticulous attention to detail, making them the perfect complement to any ethnic outfit. As a conscious and sustainable brand, we strive to minimize waste and make conscious choices that reflect our commitment to our customers and the environment. Our range of complementing fashion accessories is always expanding, and we invite you to explore our constantly evolving collection and discover the beauty of ethnic fashion.